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Prostate Disorders/Cancer

Prostate Cancer

At Greenwich Urological Associates, we provide the most advanced technology in detection and treatment of this common male cancer. The office is equipped with the latest Ultrasound Biopsy machine and all biopsies are done under pain free conditions. With our expertise we perform prostate nerve sparing procedures, prostate seed therapy and provide education and personal support at the Prostate Cancer Center.

BPH and Prostatic Disorders

Diseases of the prostate are extremely common and our physicians and nurses are highly experienced in treating these sensitive disorders. Our professional staff provides a complete history and all necessary tests in a convenient manner. We provide a wide range of options including medical therapy, minimally invasive therapy and open surgery. Minimally invasive procedures includes laser and microwave therapies. All procedures are done in the comfort of the office and patients are discharged home within a few hours.

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