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The urinary bladder has two functions. It has to store and empty the urine. Normally these two functions are interrelated and work efficiently and smoothly without much conscious thought. Unfortunately, occasionally aging, various illnesses or injuries can lead to impairments of either or both of these functions. These impairments of bladder function can lead to any of the following: urinary leaking, urinary frequency, inability to urinate, or inability to hold urine in a normal manner.

The function of storing and draining urine can be a delicate balance to maintain. In times improper urinary control the imbalance may be due to either lack of holding ability or emptying ability. In order to determine the cause of the imbalance, special tests are occasionally needed to evaluate the cause of the symptoms.

Urodynamic studies are the name of a broad group of studies performed to evaluate the holding and emptying power of the bladder. These studies are done while the patients are fully awake in our office. They are done by minimally invasive techniques and mimic the normal filling and emptying of the bladder. The studies are non painful and involve only minimal risk.

While these studies do not cure the urinary leaking or retention problem, they are extremely useful in finding the cause of the problem. This allows a precise treatment plan to be developed by your physician to help resolve the symptoms.

Our urodymanic program uses the most sophisticated multi-channel testing equipment currently available and our nursing staff has had extensive education, training and experience with the performance of these tests. Our physicians have special interest and expertise in interpretation of the urodynamic studies as well as understanding of the therapeutic solutions to the underlying problems.

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